Twilight State


Ziggurat Project / Ádám Bot: Twilight State

The twilight state is an abnormal state of mind with a strong narrowing of consciousness, in which extreme emotions can be associated with delusions, and then memory loss appears.

The movement theatrical performance examines this kind of functioning of the psyche, its acts are based on real events: the Van Gogh brothers have suffered from – presumably inherited – epilepsy, so it often occured as a symptom of the illness that "fog clouded over their minds". In addition to delusions and hallucinations, the torturing state of loneliness broke in power, the captivity of which finally they were unable to escape. Their interconnected fate is the heartbreaking narrative of brotherly love, characterized by unconditional acceptance and close relation of existences dependent on each other.

The multidisciplinary production is a hommage to the post-impressionist painter born 165-year ago, and at the same time a reflection on one of the mind's dysfunction.

Performer-creators: Krisztián Szilágyi, Péter Zelei
Visuals: Kristóf Szabó - KristofLab
Text: Sári O. Horváth
Creator: Ádám Bot
Associate creators: Johanna Bodor (mentor), Fanni Lakos (external eye)

Communication: Brigitta Kovács
Production Manager: Flóra Eszter Sarlós
Sponsors: Pro Progressione, Workshop Foundation, SÍN Culture Center

The performance was created with the support of the Zoltan Imre Program of the National Cultural Fund.