I want to live in the moment.  I want to be able to unify my mind and body, in given place, at a given moment. I want to achieve this presence, when I dance and in my everyday life.  Because I'm here, but at the same time elsewhere as well. Maybe it's not such a big problem, maybe I'll leave my feet here but already continue with my head.  Because it's simple. At the push of a button I'm already with a different country...a different continent...with friends from far away. In the end I live in a constant divide, always partly present, always in movement, always transforming.

A photo exhibition, in Paris or Budapest, with dancers living there, locals and others spending time there, some longer, some shorter. The main theme is the divided presence. What importance does physical presence bring nowadays? How am I present in a specific place, at a specific time and am I really there, or just fading from one place to another?  What does this disassembled presence mean? How does the photographic technique connet with the emotion of being present?


  • Sam Matysen: Belgian-born visual artist-photographer, living in Hungary
  • Sarlós Flóra Eszter: Hungarian contemporary dancer-choreographer, living in Paris