Tímea SZőke

Timea Szőke is a cultural manager. She studied art history and design- and art management.

Her work experience is based on a variety of roles and types of institutions. She has been working in big public institutions like the Ludwig Museum in Budapest, NGOs such as Pro Progressione, VALYO - City and River Association, KÉK - Contemporary Architecture Centre and also non-formal art collectives as well. During her work she is not just a project manager but also a facilitator, researcher, producer, fundraiser and creative assistant.

Timea is active in cultural networks such as IETM, Culture Action Europe, Bosch Alumni Network and also a Tandem Shaml alumni.

She is interested in the challenges to understand the world of cross-cultural fusions by creating collaborative frameworks for cultural dialogue.

She is the co-founder and the president of Platform Cultural Association - along with other members of Ziggurat Project.

FAR - Fight Against Radicalisation