The Leftovers - Living exhibition


"You can go away from here!"
But do we want to go?

What does it mean in today’s Hungary to be an immigrant or an emigrant?

Who goes, does it for adventure or is the one forced? Does our identity let us to choose a new home? What everything can become a language in a foreign country?

The Leftovers is a multi-art initiation, a live exhibition on the borders of visual arts, dance, theatre, music and literature. Participating artists share the visitors their personal experiences, questions and doubts concerning the emigration. They use different mediums to create an interactive receiver’s horizon, this way can happen that words start to move, from the actor a charcoal drawing is made, raw dough comes to life on the body of the puppeteer, dance becomes music for which the staves are poems. Electronics, multimedia and bar counter meets soil, breast milk and clay.

Contributors: Malvina Antal (fine arts), Ádám Bot (dance), Grégory Chevalier (dance), Máté Czakó (physical theatre), Ákos Kalmár (dance, theatre), Emese Kovács (dance), Fanni Lakos (theatre), Gergő Lukács (dance), Gábor Magolcsay Nagy (literature), Viktória Makra (theatre), Sam Matysen (photo, video), Ádám Munkácsi (live music, composition), Flóra Eszter Sarlós (dance), Anna Somlai (dance), Attila Szabó Casey (composition), Kristóf Szabó (video)

Guide: Fanni Lakos

Dates, venues:

7th April 2015, RoHAM Bar and Gallery, Budapest

26th April 2015, MÜSZI (Művelődési Szint), Budapest

15th, 16th May, MAMŰ Gallery, Budapest