©Zsolt Gombos

©Zsolt Gombos




Ziggurat Project is planning to launch a long-term project that aims to create the basis of an international cooperation between actors who work on the development of the field of movement and technology.

There has been a number of cooperations between the performing art and the technology sector, and we are experiencing a growing need to set up a platform where professionals of those different sectors can meet, share their knowledge and network.

For this purpose we propose the project STELLA (Somatic Tech Live Lab), that aims to be the above mentioned platform.

Long-term goals of the project

  • close the gap between countries of Visegrad region and Western Europe considering the know-how and quality of using innovative technologies in the field of performing arts

  • engaging new audience by those innovative approaches, preferably young generations, therefore educating the future audience

  • create new business models capitalizing on the potential of connecting the art and the technology sector

Short-term goals and action plan that we want to achieve through the current project

Short-term goal

  • creating a network for a long-term cooperation in the field of dance and digital technologies,

  • setting up the basics and working out a system for R&D and future productions.

Action plan for 2019/20 season

  • mapping of the V4 region by the partners of the project through research (mapping) and study visits in each partner countries

  • exchange of skills and knowledge (on a technical and artistic level)  between the partners of the project through workshops and presentations

  • implementing the first network event of STELLA through one big event in Budapest incorporating a conference, open public workshops held by project partners, guest performances, open discussions and the presentation of the results of the mapping

Concept, Project leaders: Flóra Eszter Sarlós, Brigitta Kovács