Malvina Antal – Point Configurations


In the performance the flexible rectangular fabric hangs from the ceiling with four points and the dancers move on that. They extract it with their movements and lead out the tapes so that each thread implies a separate story.

The drawings emerge through the transparency of the material. Several layers are superimposed on each other and the sculptor draws on each one, thus putting the lines in space. They can be shaped thanks to the flexibility of the fabric. The material’s adaptability, elasticity, the simple design of the curved shapes fortunately coincide with the drawing of the characters.

 "Knitting, crocheting is a process that is about the torsion of a thread within a system. Observing different rhythms and with the succession of more spatial directions a new order is created, a new form or a new material that can even enter to a new dimension, as from a thread of yarn a much clearer three-dimensional object is created. In this work the knitwork appears as symbolic because the fiber, the yarn, a section of it or the idea of its imagined infinity sketches an aspect of the illumination of thoughts. Knitting is similar to writing which is a chain built on specific components. This linear system can be connected to part-whole principle, that is the first elements are extremely important in terms of the whole. Undoubtedly, people have not been aware of the „whole”, as such, but we can say that we are moving part to part towards it and that has always been the "whole" we want to understand. "

Concept, design: Malvina Antal

Performers: Emese Kovács, Flóra Eszter Sarlós, Gergő Lukács, Ádám Bot

Musical cooperator: Bálint Szeifert

8th of july 2016 Mamű Gallery, Budapest