International Laboratories of Movement and Dance in Public Space
Eco Campus

Open Call

20 August - 1 September, 2019 - Sochaczew, Poland
DEADLINE: 22 July, 2019

International Laboratories of Movement and Dance in Public Space “Eco Campus” are part of “Change /project” which aim is to share and exchange the strategies how to work democratically on the field of performative arts.

Laboratories are dedicated to young artists age 19-26 interested in dance, theater and performing arts, art students and young artists from Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.

Leaders: Jana Ryslava (CZ), Kat Rampackova (SK), Viktória Makra (HU), Maciej Tomaszewski (PL), Ewelina Sobieraj (PL), Dawid Żakowski (PL)

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The laboratories will take place between 20.08.-1.09.2019 in Sochaczew (Culture Center in Sochaczew, address: 15 Sierpnia 83, 96- 500 Sochaczew, Poland, 60 km from Warsaw)

During everyday activities and laboratories participants will practice different dance, movement and performative techniques. From the beginning they will take part in physical activities in public and natural spaces (ex. dialog with nature, dialog with the public, improvisations). On the basis of personal experience and inspirations related to different outdoor spaces participants will develop solo and group actions, which will be incorporated into a final performance during the Unity MFT Festival in Sochaczew.

The group will look for ways of democratic approaches during the artistic process. Individual improvisations created by the participants will be developed throughout the labs to create a theatrical structure.
At the end of the laboratories participants will present the work - performance, which will be part of the program of the Unity MFT Festival in Sochaczew.

The main theme of international laboratories of movement and dance in the public space will be the "river” as an idea of natural phenomenon which is a larger watercourse formed from the connection of streams or flowing out of a lake, source or wetland, flowing constantly or periodically, flowing into the sea, another river or lake.

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Who is invited to participate in laboratories?

Laboratories are dedicated to young artists aged 19-26 interested in dance, theater and performing arts, art students and young artists from Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. Communicative level of English language is needed.

Maximum number of participants in the laboratory is 20 (5 from each country). (Please note that local groups from Sochaczew will be involved in the project and take part in movement classes)

Main language of the laboratories: English

Why should you apply to the International Laboratories of Dance and Movement in Public Space?

  • 12 days of intensive performative work with international professionals

  • being a part of an international team working on big performance presented during the “Unity” MFT Festival

  • networking of young artists from Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia

  • creating in democratic and open-minded artistic creation process

  • performing in site specific performance

  • sharing with your own ideas and materials - experimenting with different art forms and themes

  • having fun, enjoying and contributing to a better living

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Participants costs:

Participant’s contribution is: 85 EUR per person which should be paid upon arrival.

The price covers accommodation, food and workshop fee.

Travel costs are covered up to 100 eur (Slovak and Czech participants), up to 200 eur (Hungarian participants) basing on the tickets or appropriate travel documentation (details will be presented to selected participants). Travel arrangements will be supported by local partners in each country.

Working space
Part of the classes will take place in out-door spaces and part of them will be hold in Culture Center in Sochaczew, address: 15 Sierpnia 83, 96- 500 Sochaczew, Poland, 60 km from Warsaw
Lunches will be served by local catering and some dinners the group will prepare together in common kitchen in the Cultural Centre.

Hotel and Conference Centre DUKAT, Stary Dębsk 4, Nowa Sucha
Rooms are equipped with: hair dryer, set of towels, comfortable desk. Breakfasts will be served in the hotel restaurant.

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Viktória Makra (HU) - graduated from the University of Theater and Film Arts in Budapest in 2013. She has participated in Hungarian and international productions as a dancer, actor, puppeteer and a director. As a multidisciplinary artist she is a member of Ziggurat Project since 2015. Among others she worked with directors and companies as Róbert Alföldi, Philippe Genty and Márta Ladjánszki. From 2016 she is a founding member of the company Ledpuppets. As a puppeteer she plays in Ciróka Puppet Theater, Mesebolt Puppet Theater and Budapest Puppet Theater. She is a member of Pneuma Szöv. as an artist activist.

Kat Rampackova (SK) - is a choreographer, performer, teacher, dance activist and director of PST - Priestor Súčasného Tanca (Contemporary Dance Space). This association take care of contemporary dance in Košice, Slovakia and organise festival of contemporary dance and new circus called MOVE fest. Katarina studied physical theater in Switzerland at Scuola Teatro Dimitri and then she made a Master of choreography at Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. Nowdays she resides in Barcelona, where she teaches creative dance to children and collaborats with association Ara en Moviment promoting and using Contact Improvisation in youth work. She is a part of intercultural and international remembrance project for youth called Sound in the Silence. She collaborates with italian dance school Danzaria where she teachs and creates. Her last performance for children called Jumika.

Jana Ryslava (CZ) - dancer, choreographer, founder and director of MOVE Ostrava dance platform. With MOVE Ostrava organizes MOVE Ostrava, lessons and workshops, and also produces its own productions and also provides residences at the Cooltour. Jana studied Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance, danced in Bodhi Poject Company and other projects. After graduating from the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, she moved to Ostrava, where she teaches contemporary dance at the Conservatory in Janáček. While teaching workshops, she focuses on floorwork or partnering. You can currently see her in the Carpet Diem performance. 

Ewelina Sobieraj (PL) - dancer, performer, actress. She graduated in the Academy of Theatre Arts in Cracow, Department of Dance Theatre in Bytom. She took part in numerous workshops, she encountered many dance techniques such as contemporary dance, hip hop, house, voguing, wacking, locking, popping, dancehall, salsa and breakdance. She worked with Rafał Urbacki on his performances. Presented her etude "CODE" at festival ProContra in Szczecin and FamaFestiwal where she become a laureate in the category of the performing arts. Danced in "Galop" of Sopot Dance Theatre, “Bezdech“" in the choreography of Sylwia Hefczynska-Lewandowska, "Daframestration" of the LASEM group, "Re: Rosas" project which concluded the "&" exhibition at the Museum of Art in Łódź. She has never forget the community of hip-hop culture, which often remains her inspiration.

Maciej Tomaszewski (PL) performer. Since 2009 co-leader of workshops of physical theater organized by the Sztuka Nowa Association. As a performer, he participated in interdisciplinary projects of the Sztuka Nowa Association: “Maps of Memory”, “Artist. Escape Mechanics”, “Solar Research 2.0”, “Tourists”. He was a leader leading workshops and co-authored three projects in the field of artistic and cultural education addressed to young people: "PASS IT ON - a theater platform for the exchange of techniques", "Young Solarisists" and "Tourists". Currently, he conducts a several-month research art project "Na minutę przed. 3 proste ostrzeżenia" ("One minute before. 3 simple warnings") focused around the threats of civilization.

Dawid Żakowski (PL) - director, performer and theater educator. He is a co-founder of Sztuka Nowa Association ( and the Physical Theatre Laboratory operating in the laboratory space of LUB / LAB in Warsaw. As part of the activities of the Association and Physical Theatre Laboratory conducts professional research on theater techniques and practices in the field of international theater exchange. He performed, among others in Paris, Lille, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Moscow, Montevideo, Caracas, Belo Horizonte, Sao Paulo, Naples, Palermo, Florence, and Zurich. In the last years of creative work he implemented interdisciplinary projects, in which he was director and choreographer: “Sylwia: Medea”, “My liberty - my freedom”, “Warsaw: in Between”, “Maps of Memory”, “ARTIST. Mechanics of escape”, “Solar Research 2.0”, “Orfeo'70”, “Tourists”, “Pompa funebris”. He is a co-author of four projects in the field of artistic and cultural education addressed to young people. From 2012, he works as a theater curator at the Sochaczew Cultural Center. Since 2008, he has been co-organizing many international research art projects.

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How to apply?

The application process is open only for Czech, Slovak and Hungarian participants.

To apply for the workshop please use registration online form:

Czech participants:

Slovak participants:

Hungarian participants:

FINAL DEADLINE for APPLICATIONS: the 22nd of July 2019

We will announce the recruitment results no later than 27 of July 2019.

If you need more information please contact the person or check the website:

CZ – Jana Ryslava | phone nr: +420737485778 | website: 

SK – Kat Rampackova | | phone nr: +421944781081 | website:

HU – Tímea Szőke | | phone nr: +36702540744 | website:

Organizer: Association Sztuka Nowa from Warsaw (Poland),
Partners of the project: Sochaczewskie Centrum Kultury, Ziggurat Project, Platform Kulturális Egyesület, PST-Priestor Súčasného Tanca, CoolTour Ostrava

Project is co-finansed by The Municipality of Sochaczew.


The project is co-financed by the Governments of Czechia, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia through Visegrad Grants from International Visegrad Fund. The mission of the fund is to advance ideas for sustainable regional cooperation in Central Europe.