The figure of the Medusa from the Greek mythology was one of the gorgos. This woman turned ugly by the anger of Pallas Athena: had meandering snakes on her had instead of hair and everybody became a stone who looked at her. The dance installation created by Antal Malvina's visual concept evokes this figure. The dancers weave different spaces of Szabihíd and Pohoda Festival and seek to connect to visitors with the fibers deriving from the main figure’s head.
visual concept: Malvina Antal
performers: Fanni Lakos / Viktória Makra, Flóra Eszter Sarlós, Emese Kovács, Máté Czakó, Gergő Lukács, Ádám Bot

Duration: 40 minutes

24th June 2017 - Szabihíd, Budapest
7th July 2017 - Pohoda Festival (SK)

Supporters: VaLyo, Pro Progressione