Máté Czakó

Máté Czakó earned a degree in acting from the University of Kaposvár (2009) and then graduated as a theatre director, physical theatre choreographer from the University of Theatre and Film Arts, Budapest (2014).
He is working as a dancer, performer, choreograph and director as well. He is co-founder of Tinda Pundi Cultural Company and the Symptoms_LAB.
As an artist and creator he works regularly also with companies as The Symptoms and the Ziggurat Project.
He finds important to bring art among the people. To create a second layer above reality, reality of art which helps us to find a new perspective to observe our life and its surroundings.

Important masters from his carieer: Csaba Horváth, Josef Nadj, Marc Vanrunxt, Gábor Goda, Réka Szabó.

“Dance is the honest motion itself. Gesture with a purpose. “