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Freedom IN motion workshop

martial arts / capoeira / dance / acrobatics

Led by Lukas Mucha

Freedom in motion expresses an idea where you fluidly play and improvise with movement. During the workshop we won’t focus on one style only, but instead we will deconstruct techniques from disciplines like capoeira, martial arts, gymnastics, dance and use various principles to achieve freedom in improvisation with the use of newly obtained tools in choreography, as well as daily practice. Main goal will be to gain confidence outside of comfort zone and learn how to work with fear as well as gain needed control in unfamiliar territories. During the workshop we go through mental and physical preparation for balance / handstand, build up movement sequences focusing on coordination, strength and confidence and play with other ground techniques, acrobatics and throws. Workshop is intended for dancers, actors, performers, and all movement enthusiasts. 

All levels and backgrounds are welcome. Aim of the workshop is to introduce tools and principles that can be applied to every day training / choreography by both beginners and professionals.

Lukas Mucha: Slovak movement and capoeira teacher. He started with Capoeira at age of 16 and during those 10 years he was able to travel, learn and expand his knowledge on workshops across Europe. After coming back from Portugal in 2015 he started to focus on holistic movement approach and traveled to different master classes in Europe to meet renowned movement teachers and started to teach in Košice, Slovakia. Over the years, his training and studies have included capoeira, martial arts, gymnastics, modern dance, physiotherapy and rock climbing among other disciplines. His focus is on how to teach skills safely to anyone regardless of level, age or background. The philosophy and methodology of his workshop are directly influenced by the work of teachers as Ido Portal, Jozef Frucek, Tom Weksler, Yuval Ayalon, Petr Ruzicka and many more.

Jurányi House / Tünet Együttes studio
(Budapest, 1027 Jurányi utca 1-3.)

Saturday, 17th of November: 2-7pm 
Sunday, 18th of November: 2-5pm

8000ft/2 days (8 hours)
5500/Saturday (5 hours), 3500/Sunday (3 hours)

Please register for the event (, to ensure your space and maintain the quality. Non-refundable application fee has to be paid prior to the workshop in order to secure your place: 2.000 HUF.
Registration deadline: 10th November!!

Supporters: Ziggurat Project, Slovak Institute in Budapest, Pro Progressione

For further questions please contact:
Lukas Mucha

Flóra Eszter Sarlós 
+36 70 42 899 52