lipinus procastinator


Racing with time. Why are people doing their assignments in the last moment? Why is the time and deadline the utmost motivation for them?  How can they overcome it?  

After I get the assignments at first I don’t care about it, I think I have a lot of time, so slowly I start to work or at least prepeare for it, or not. Mostly not. I know I should begin on time but I cannot. I start to do anything else. Totally different things.  But I put it in the back of my brain and I am thinking about it subconsciously.

After the previous experiences you always decide  to never do this again, never-ever. Till you get your next one. Wait till the begining of the last moment, make it, send it, and you do this over and over. Almost impossible to jump out from this.

Lipinus Procastinator is the first part from the Procastinator tetralogy.
Phases: PREPARATION / Black out / Last moment / Relief / Again

Created by Gergő Lukács

Special thanks to Ilari Miikkulainen, Aimo Hyvärinen, Bartek Gluba, Suzanne Verschueren, Coralie Jean-Francois, JAMK University of Applied Sciences, Finland