FAR - Fight Against Radicalisation


FAR - Fight Against Radicalisation is an international training for artists, youth workers, young pedagogues, social workers and volunteers who believe that art can be a powerful tool toward social change.

In a European context we face a continuously growing mixture of different cultures living together or separated in big cities. The role of Christianity and religion in general became weaker among European youth, but most of our social roles are still based on a Christian culture. We rarely have a stable knowledge about other religions, but unfortunately Muslim religion and Arab culture have a negative image in the West due to extremist actions happened recently all over Europe. As we become day by day more paranoid, we cannot stop war refugees, neither the new wave of environmental migrants we have to face in the near future. How to handle urban multiculturalism? How to be respectful to each other's culture? What do we mean by cultural assimilation? 

The main goal of our project is the sensitization of youth with the perspective of evoking more tolerance and respect for each other's culture, religion and habits, and seeking to find solutions on the ways of living together peacefully in a multicultural environment. Furthermore, we address in general the mobility for young people and the capacity building of young participants by improving their participation skills with the aim of engaging in an active European citizenship. We have a double goal by involving youth from different European countries from one side and reach part of the local youth through them from the other side. In particular, we aim to work on equity and inclusion by building bridges over cultural differences and/or social obstacles. 

We aim to develop an international exchange to give a platform for young people to find their common grounds concerning exclusion, racism, violence and disappointment, phenomena that could lead to radical actions, and to start to formulate possible solutions with the tools of arts. Therefore, we invited 4 experienced professionals from different fields to share their knowledge and methodologies towards fighting against the above-mentioned issues. 

The first 5 days of the training will consist of workshops that will focus on different methods and techniques of how to tackle social issues with the tools of art in a participatory manner. Afterwards the participants - in groupwork - develop their own workshop/participatory performance that will then be touring in different high schools in Hungary for a couple of days.



Fanni Lakos (HU), Giorgia Bolognesi (IT), Miguel Canaverde (PT), Matthieu Nieto (FR)

Ziggurat Project - concept
Pro Progressione – implementation
„H2O"-Associação de Jovens de Arrouquelas, Portugal
Giorgia Bolognesi & company, Italy