27-30th September 2019
       STELLA, kick-off meeting, Bratislava (SK)

1st September 2019
       Burnout, Bakáts Feszt, Budapest (HU)

29th August 2019
       Urgent Need to Breathe (site-adaptive version), Front@ Festival, Murska Sobota (SI)

26th July 2019
       Our Home Place, Interactive happening - with KristofLab, Nástupište 1-12, Topoľčany (SK)

23-25th July 2019

       Bodily Traces, research performance, BLOX public space, Copenhagen (DK)

15-27th July 2019
       Our Home Place, Creative residency with KristofLab, Nástupište 1-12, Topoľčany (SK)

1-28th July 2019
       Metropolis Residency - Sensing the City, Copenhagen (DK)29-30th June 2019.
       Q for Silence, Csepel Works- Nyitott Gyárak Hétvégéje, Csepel (HU)

24-28th June 2019
       Tandem Europe - Kick-off meeting, Santa Maria Da Feira, (PT)

23-29th June 2019
       IETM Campus, Eleusis (GR)

14th May 2019
       Urgent Need to Breathe, National Theatre of Miskolc, Miskolc (HU)

5th May 2019
       Keresői az ég színének, MU Theater, Budapest (HU)

2nd May 2019
       Would you have dinner with me?, Townhouse Gallery, Cairo (EG)

12th April 2019
       Burnout - Urban VisitorsD-CAF Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival, Al Sharifain Street, Cairo (EG)

22th March 2019
       Urgent Need to Breathe, HaDivadlo, Brno (CZ)

21th March 2019
       Urgent Need to Breathe, Vaskakas Bábszínház, Győr (HU)

7th March 2019
       Urgent Need to Breathe, Csiky Gergely Theater, Németh Antal Studio, Kaposvár (HU)

28th February - 5th March 2019
       Tandem Europe, Sofia (BG)

9th February 2019
       Imaginary neighbours workshop & parade led by Gergő Lukács , Quarter Block Party, Cork (IE)

5-7th February 2019
       Architecture in motion workshop led by Flóra Eszter Sarlós, Quarter Block Party, Cork (IE)

26-27th January 2019
       Freedom in Motion - fusion workshop (contemporary dance, improvisation, capoeria, gymnastics) led by Flóra Eszter Sarlós & Lukas Mucha (SK), Hosted by Unfold Motion, Timișoara (RO)

14th January 2019
       Trafo SmartXtra in the frame of interdisciplinary art, based on the cooperation of Kristóf Szabó – KristofLab visual artist and Ziggurat Project, Trafó House of Contemporary Arts, Budapest (HU)


11th November 2018
       Twilight State, MU Theater  IZP estek, Budapest (HU)

6th November 2018
       Urgent Need to Breathe, National Theater of Szeged - Studio, Szeged (HU)

27th October 2018
       Urgent Need to Breathe, Infinite Dance Festival, Oradea (RO)

20th October 2018
       Anxiety, Central European University (CEU), Budapest (HU)

20th October 2018
       Art for Society – Ziggurat Project's Open Forum, Central European University (CEU), Budapest (HU)

11-21 October 2018
       FAR - Fight Against Radicalisation, Art for Social Change Training, Budapest (HU)

14th October 2018
        Esumi and Asao, ALTERRA - Old Synagogue, Szeged (HU)

14th, 15th September 2018
       Urgent Need to Breathe - site-specific performance, PLACCC Festival, Csepel (HU)

30th September 2018
       The Raft of The Medusa, NKA 25 - Táncpark a Millenárison, Millenáris, Budapest (HU)

5th September 2018
       Little magic box of Harmony, L1danceFest 2018, Bakelit MAC, Budapest (HU)

23th August 2018
       Balançoire, Bakáts Feszt, Budapest (HU)

23th July 2018
       Urgent Need to Breathe, Művészetek Völgye, Cirque du Tókert, Vigántpetend (HU)

23th July 2018
       How Could I Be Who I Am, Művészetek Völgye, Cirque du Tókert, Vigántpetend (HU)

19th July 2018
       Little magic box of Harmony, Nástupište 1-12, Topoľčany (SK)

1st, 2nd June 2018
        Anxiety, EYE2018 Conference, Strasbourg (FR)

25th, 26th May 2018
        Esumi and Asao, RS9+ "Vallai kert", Budapest

21st May 2018
        Urgent Need to Breathe, Trafó House of Contemporary Arts, Budapest

16th May 2018
        Urgent Need to Breathe - work in progress, „az L1 Egyesület bemutatja"- Bakelit Multi Art Center, Budapest

5th May 2018
        Interactive performance at Almássy square, Budapest100, Budapest

4th April 2018
        Happening Now!, Bakelit MAC, Budapest

8th March 2018
        Iteration, Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest

17th February 2018
        Common point, Interactive guided tour, Ludwig Museum, Budapest

6th February 2018
        Anxiety, Central European University (CEU), Budapest

30th January 2018
        Arboretum, Common Affairs exhibition opening, Ludwig Museum, Budapest


12th December 2017
        Vincent & Theo excerpt, Downtown Cinema, Szeged

1st December 2017
        Vincent & Theo excerpt, Corvin Cinema, Budapest

27th November 2017
        Vincent & Theo excerpt, Uránia National Film Theater, Budapest

24th, 25th,26th November 2017
        Fluid Space, DIG Gallery, Art & Tech Days, Košice (SK)

6th November 2017
        Anxiety, Tabačka Kulturfabrik, Košice (SK)

23th, 24th September 2017
        Styx 2.0, Spotter Trip, Ottensheim / Linz (A)

1st, 2nd September 2017
        ERROR # 707, Dunapest Theater, Margaret Island, Budapest

25th August 2017
        Abyss, Let Me In Festival, Berlin (GER)

7th July 2017
        Medusa, Pohoda Festival, Trenčín (SK)

24th June 2017
        Medusa, Szabihíd project, Budapest

16th June 2017
        Abyss, POSZT, Pécs

16th June 2017
        The Raft of the Medusa, POSZT, Pécs

29th May 2017
        Anxiety (premier), Trafó studio, Antré program / Workshop Foundation, Budapest

28th April 2017
        Esumi and Asao, RS9, Budapest

21th, 22th April 2017
        work_in_process__, Csepel Works (PLACCC Festival Special Edition - Picture Project), Budapest

6th April 2017
        Floating, Bakelit MAC, Budapest

27th March 2017
        How could I be who I am, World Theater Day, Budapest Pont

18th March 2017
        Esumi and Asao, Artus, Arccal a halnak - Artus's New Generation Program, Budapest

17th March 2017
        Esumi and Asao (premier), Artus, Arccal a halnak - Artus's New Generation Program, Budapest