Composing our (s)pace - Cairo

Contemporary dance training + introduction to site specific dance creation


Cairo Contemporary Dance Center, Cairo, Egypt

Led by Máté Czakó and Flóra Eszter Sarlós

The workshop consists of two parts: physical training and introduction to site-specific dance creation. During the training part we experience together how to activate and develop a conscious work from our center, how to play on weight shift and balance and how to arrive to a more organic coordination of our bodies and the space. The workshop contains principles from partnering, release and floor work mixing given exercises with improvisation. We work around three different focus: attention to my body / attention to my body related to the space /attention to my body related to the other bodies and to the space. In the creation part we try out different approaches and practices of site-specific dance creation. 

Photos: Mariann Fa
Supporters: Imre Zoltán Program, Placcc festival, Cairo Contemporary Dance Center, Hungarian Cultural Center - Cairo