2017 - 2018

Ongoing collaborative art project
in the frame of CAPP - Collaborative Arts Partnership Programme - Ludwig Museum  

We meet people every day who are experts in different fields of life and would like to share their observations with other generations. The core idea of the project is the knowledge and experience sharing (and the lack of it) of the adult generations.

The project observes and represents the joint work of six artist couples from different fields of arts (painting, sculpting, graphic, acting, music and puppetry). After they get to know each other and each other’s profession they create an artwork as a community which uses modern technological achievements and builds on decades of expertise as well. 

The long term goal of this project is to apply the received experiences, methods to sensitize, bring closer and help to accept and understand two diverse generations. 

Artistic concept and project leading: Gergő Lukács

Artists: Malvina Antal, Tamás Geröly, István Gőz, Ibolya Juhász, Márk Kovács, Fanni Lakos, Viktória Makra, Ádám Munkácsi, Ágnes Németh, György Pálfi, Kristóf Szabó - KristofLab

Supporters: CAPP, NKA, Ludwig Museum, Pro Progressione