Creative collaboration workshop

22. 09. 2017.

Led by Gergő Lukács

The workshop is a collective game with the purpose of getting to know and getting attuned to one another.

Following a lead-in exercise, the participants “endowed” a freely created human figure with their momentary condition and feelings, working with which they individually and then collectively formulated positive messages using the tools of speech, drawing, body and movement.

From individual inner work through pair work we reached small group activities. Throughout the confrontation of individual opinions and the formulation of collective ones, participants reflected on one another by bringing expressiveness and different views to the surface.

Through the collective positive evaluation of the works thus created, each participant could form an image of how the others saw their current state, further facilitating the understanding of each other. Through collective work and forming standpoints collectively, participants could gain insight into how others think.

The objects of the workshop were exhibited at Ludwig Museum's exhibition Common Affairs between January 30 and March 18, 2018.