Abyss – duet for table and a chair


„distracts attention / stops me doing what I hate / to show how it feels like / I walk past the table / one leg is on the chair/ holds my head from the side / would like to step through the fume / till I become an object / sometimes I go alone and paint a picture in my head / from top to bottom / I put my hand the same place / if I slide, it’s pulled out”

Dancers: Flóra Eszter Sarlós, Ákos Kalmár
Choreography, concept: Emese Kovács
Co-creator: Ákos Kalmár (Krisztina Szirtes, Arnaud Blondel)
Special thanks to: Sam Matysen, Mathilde Louvain. Till Fechner, Louis

work-in-progress presentation: 26th July 2015, Condat (FR), “Own vision, own way” artist in residence and international exchange program with EuroCulture en Pays Gentiane

premier: 25th March 2016 in Paris on the festival Transhumances urbaines

Further performances:
- 27th August 2016 in Szentendre (HU) at festival Szentendre Day and Night
- 16th June 2017 in Pécs (HU) at POSZT (Pécs National Theatre Festival)
- 8th August 2017 in Soirée culturelle des jeunes artists européens, St Nectaire (FR)
- 25th August 2017 in Berlin (DE) at Let me in Performing Arts Festival