Photo: Mara Graur

Artistic statement of Ziggurat Project

Ziggurat Project is an interdisciplinary company based in Budapest, Hungary connecting contemporary dance to other fields of art (theatre, visual arts, digital arts, music and literature).


Our main focus is to create site-sensitive performances as we are willing to contribute to an art that exists out of the walls of a theatre or a museum. Site-sensitive dance creation gives us the possibility to engage with people in a more democratic, but mainly in a more personal way.


As an art collective we believe in cooperative and research-based art projects. It is important to us to not to collaborate only with other movement makers, but to cross artistic fields or even step into other sectors. Interdisciplinary cooperation means that we go out our comfort zone, that we try to understand and work together with someone who thinks in a different way. It means to be challenged, to be confronted by conflict and learn to negotiate without losing intention.


We also believe that only good art can communicate with people and only good communication can create art based on real cooperation. By doing art we are able to surprise ourselves. From one's initial research through to the creative process and into the doing we should not forget to be courageous. As most of the time it is the only way to get society's attention to matters at hand.